Storage Facilities

Whether you are storing critical equipment, precious heirlooms, data or heavy equipment, it is essential to select a quality service that offers affordable prices. At Kangaroo Movers, we understand that you might not be able to move all your possessions and need safe storage services. The key to complete peace of mind about your stored possessions is to work with us. It is due to sheer hard work and excellent services that we get hundreds of referrals every year. And that is one of the reasons that our business has grown over the years.

We have completely clean, secure storage facilities so you are sure that everything is organized and secure within the locked spaces. You can use it for a week, month or even years.

Self-Storage Units

With plenty of storage plans available, you can pick from any of the storage deals. All of our storage facilities are equipped with close monitoring systems and are manned by trained professionals 24/7. Using ultra-high security locks, we ensure that each storage unit is clean and protected at all times. If you have highly sensitive items, such as artwork or important documents, you can use the climate controlled storage spaces to ensure that they are protected. It is a matter of great pride that we have good relationship with our customers and many of the old ones continue to reach out to us when they require temporary storage. You can learn more about the storage services and get a free quote on the deal.

Short-term storage:

At Kangaroo Movers, we are pleased to assist people during the transition period by providing them with short term storage services. Serving the needs of hundreds of people annually, by storing their possessions safely while they relocate, is one of the services that we offer. In case, you are looking for a safe storage service, then we can offer a range of services to effectively keep your goods till you find a more permanent space for it. Whether you are renovating your home or are in between a permanent move to a new home, we’ll be glad to store your possessions with us.

Long-term storage solutions

If you compare prices, then long-term storage is more effective. It will help you save cash. If you opt for long-term storage, you can move into a smaller apartment and it would still be cheaper because storage unit’s fees are less. In case you are contemplating downsizing, you will require a storage unit for keeping the things that you do not plan on selling or giving away. Whether you have children moving away to school or are living away from LA for just a couple of years, you might need to store plenty of possessions for future use.

Trusted and dependable storage service

Kangaroo Movers will be glad to be of assistance when it is about storing your goods for months or even decades. Our impeccably clean storage units are in high demand and have great reviews from past customers. To know more about our services or the price for short term or long term storage, call us today.

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